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What is Human + AI?

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Human + AI is a design technique that uses artificial intelligence to extend or compliment human intelligence. It can be contrasted with techniques that seek to emulate human intelligence or replace humans in a particular area.

Competitive Blindness

The history of artificial intelligence is characterized by attempts to emulate human intelligence in a number of areas. As such, proving that a machine can beat a human at a particular task has become a common beacon of success in the AI community.
Competitions between human and machine in an area such as Chess often involve a machine integrated with large scale data repositories against a completely disconnected human. As such, the human loses.
If the human was equally integrated with information and specialized technology, he or she would likely win. For example, the machine's moves might be quite predictable to another artificial intelligence. A chess player armed with a decision support system might be unbeatable to an artificial intelligence with no human element.

Design Opportunity

The early phases of a new technology are always shaped by engineering. With time, design takes over and the technology is changed to appeal more to consumers.
The tendency for firms to pit machine against human intelligence is an opportunity to take a human + AI approach that may be more popular in the marketplace.
Overview: Human + AI
Artificial Intelligence that extends or compliments human intelligence by providing a user interface.
Machines and humans think in fundamentally different ways. Giving people powerful interfaces driven by artificial intelligence may outperform an artificial intelligence working alone.
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