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8 Examples of Middleware

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Middleware is software that provides services to other software. The term is used to describe platforms that act as technology building blocks as opposed to offering business functionality. The following are examples of middleware.


Tools for data or process integration such as an enterprise service bus.


Platforms for executing business transactions such as market trades.

Data Access

Database access services.

Application Framework

A toolset for building applications such as an API for developing mobile apps on a particular operating system.

Device Middleware

A toolset for developing applications for a particular hardware environment.

Game Engines

Frameworks for developing games that implement services such as graphics rendering, physics simulations and game scripting.

Robot Middleware

Services for building robots such as robot control and simulation frameworks.


Middleware facilitates communication, data exchange, interaction and transactions between software components such as systems, applications and services. It may also provide process orchestration tools that allow process flows to be defined and executed by calling various services from the middleware.
Summary: Middleware
Business Software
Definition (1)
Software that provides services to other software as opposed to implementing business functions directly.
Definition (2)
Software that fits in the middle between applications and an operating system.
Simplifying development by providing a single tool for integration with many external services, systems and applications.
Potentially allows applications to be portable to different operating systems and devices.
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