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11 Examples of a Bot

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Bot is a term for robots that take no physical form. As with regular robots, bots range from simple tools for automating repetitive tasks to sophisticated entities that manifest artificial intelligence. The following are common examples of bots.


Bots that converse with people, often to answer questions or perform tasks for people as a type of user interface.

Social Media Bots

Automation of social media tasks such as posting content or replying to direct messages.

Web Crawlers

Bots that discover and process websites for purposes such as search.

Game Bots

Non-human players in video games.

Trading Bots

Bots that implement algorithmic trading on markets by buying, selling and monitoring market conditions.

Shopping Bots

Automate shopping tasks such as price comparisons or monitoring for something to be back in stock.

Virtual Assistants

Tools that perform tasks, automate things and provide information based on commands issued by a person.

Malicious Bots

Bots that are up to no good such as probing devices on the internet for security vulnerabilities.

Batch Jobs

Scripts and other code that runs on a schedule to perform work such as maintenance on a server.

Monitoring bots

Bots that monitor for events such as an event on a security camera.


A large number of bots that work together in a coordinated fashion. These are often malicious bots running on compromised devices.
Bots are used for both productive and malicious purposes. A bot might be used to automate administrative tasks such as cleaning up disk space. They can also be designed for fraudulent or questionable purposes such as posting spam comments. As such, many user interfaces include anti-bot protections such as CAPTCHA that aim to detect and block bots.
Overview: Bot
Definition (1)
A robot that takes no physical form.
Definition (2)
A self contained automation.
Automating repetitive tasks.
Associated with malicious activity such as spam and security threats.
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