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26 Examples of Employee Management Systems

Employee management system is a type of software that offers tools and automation for administering employment. These are available as individual platforms and are also built into large enterprise software packages such as enterprise resource planning (ERP), human resource management (HRM) and other software such as point of sale systems. Employee management systems act as an employee database with workflows for administering hire-to-retire processes. The following are common examples of employee management system functions.
Benefits administration
Compensation management
Competency management and employee skill inventories
Employee benefits administration
Employee database
Employee feedback
Employee recognition and reward management
Employee scheduling
Employee self-service
Employee training and development
Employment compliance
Employment records
Expense management
HR analytics and reporting
Health and safety management
Incentive compensation
Learning and development management
Leave management
Manager self-service
Onboarding and offboarding
Payroll processing and administration
Performance improvement plans and disciplinary actions
Performance management
Recruitment management
Termination management
Time and attendance management

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