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8 Types of Content Management System

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A content management system, or CMS, is a tool for creating and managing digital content such as documents, text, web pages, videos and images. The following are common types of content management system.


Web based platforms for publishing posts that resemble a magazine article in web format.


Tools that allow multiple authors to maintain the same web content.


Web platforms for message boards based on topics, threads and messages.

Web Content Management System

Platforms for authoring complex websites that may be highly structured such as a large news site. May include tools for working concurrently with many authors and editors such as version control.

Document Management System

Platforms for managing documents with an emphasis on version control and security. In many cases, documents such as strategies, requirements, plans, designs, reports, specifications and policies are the primary output of knowledge workers.

Media Asset Management

Platforms for managing valuable media such as photographs, animations, videos and music. May include tools for ingestion, conversion, annotation, cataloguing, classifying, distribution and workflow.

Digital Asset Management Systems

Tools that manage valuable digital files such as documents and media. Supports goals such as encouraging reuse of designs and knowledge.

Enterprise Content Management

A term for large content management platforms that may include document management, web content management, media asset management, collaboration tools, records management, library services and workflow.
Overview: Content Management System
A tool for creating and managing digital content.
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