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21 Examples of Point Of Sale

Point of sale (POS) is a type of systems software that provides the transactional support and tools to manage retail locations. Point of sale traditionally refers to the cash register in a store. However, point of sale systems have expanded far beyond payment processing to include all the basic functions required to manage a store or restaurant. The following are common examples of point of sale functionality.
Sales Management
Tools to process sales in-store such as barcode scanning.
Inventory Management
Tracking and control of inventory such as automated reordering of stock.
Payment Processing
The ability to accept multiple forms of payment from customers at a physical location.
Returns and Refunds
The ability to process returns and refunds in-store.
Store Credits and Gift Cards
Processing loyalty transactions.
Customer Display
A customer facing display that shows information such as how many loyalty points the customer has collected.
Issuing branded receipts that comply with local standards.
Price Management
The ability to administer prices and implement price strategy.
Promotions and Discounts
Managing price promotion such as coupons and clearance inventory.
Employee Management
Systems for managing retail employees such as time, attendance, work schedules and performance monitoring.
Customer Management
Tools for managing the customer relationship such as a purchase history.
Offline Mode
The ability to accept some forms of payment offline.
Mobile Point of Sale
The use of mobile devices as point of sale hardware that replaces traditional cash registers.
Order Systems
Systems for fulfilling customer orders at a location such as a Kitchen Display System in a restaurant.
Table Management
Table management for restaurants.
Waitlist Management
Manages things like lines at a restaurant and reservations.
Interfaces for self-checkout and related security monitoring.
Kiosk Support
Support for self-service kiosks such as an in-store tool that allows customers to search for a product.
Integration with systems such as CRM and accounting systems.
Multi-Store Management
Management of multiple stores.
Reporting & Analytics
Reporting and analytics such as a real-time view of revenue by location, product or campaign.

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