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Software vs Data

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Software is a series of commands designed to process information or automate things.
Data is information that is in a format that machines can interpret.

Software vs Data

Software is code that is typically designed and implemented by people. In some cases, it is automatically generated or implemented by an artificial intelligence. In either case, software is complied into a format that a particular machine or environment can execute as a series of computing operations.
Data is information that is designed for machine consumption. Software often uses data or transforms it. The same code may operate completely differently based on a small change in data. Artificial intelligence can learn from data, transforming the long term behavior of an instance of software.


Banking software allows users to submit a request to pay a bill. The software relies on data such as a list of bills attached to the customer's account and the customer's account balance. The software is the same for all customers. The data is specific to a customer's account.
Software vs Data
Commands computers can execute.
Information computers can interpret.

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