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9 Examples of Data Processing

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Data processing is a series of operations that use information to produce a result. Common data processing operations include validation, sorting, classification, calculation, interpretation, organization and transformation of data. The following are illustrative examples of data processing.


A digital camera converts raw data from a sensor into a photo file by applying a series of algorithms based on a color model.

Decision Support

A stock trading application converts data representing millions of stock trades into a graph that can be quickly understood by a trader.


An integration process moves data from one system to another. This involves a process of transferring and transforming the format of the data.


A telecom billing system calculates the monthly charges for customers based on factors such as the customer's service plan and their data usage for the month. The charges are summarized as a document that is mailed to customers. The entire process is automated with a billing team monitoring it.


A banking website accepts a money transfer request from a user by validating it and formatting it to be processed by a backend system.


A website accepts user submitted media such as videos and converts it to a standard format for display to users.


A messaging tool encrypts a message before sending it using an encryption algorithm and a public key.

Artificial Intelligence

A self driving car uses real time data from sensors to detect if there are pedestrians ahead. This is done by applying models that were developed through a process of machine learning whereby an artificial intelligence examined millions of hours of sensor data to practice detecting pedestrians.

Streaming Data

A media device processes streaming video data to play a movie from the cloud.
Overview: Data Processing
A series of operations that use data to produce a result.
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