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7 Decision Support Technologies

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Decision support is a category of information technology that includes any tools that help businesses make decisions. In most cases, this means providing decision makers with meaningful information that's relevant to a given decision. It also includes tools for automating or partially automatic decisions. The following are common types of decision support technologies.

1. Decision Algorithms

An algorithm is a procedure with a rigorous design. They can be used to make decisions or aid human decision making.

2. Search Applications

A tool that searches a large repository of information such as the internet or a corporate knowledge management system.

3. Data Analysis Tools

Tools that support statistical analysis of data sets.

4. Reporting Tools

Technologies that allow you to design and generate ad hoc or regular reports.

5. Analytics

Analytics is the automated discover of meaning in data. In many cases, analytics software is specific to a particular domain such as the analysis of web traffic data. The benefit of analytics is that users don't have to understand the underlying data and statistical models to obtain useful reports.

6. Information Visualization

A generic term for technologies that automatically visualize data or support human driven design of information visuals.

7. Data Mining

Analysis of large sets of historical data typically using statistical models.

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