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70 Examples of Software Products

A software product is software that has been developed and maintained to be sold or distributed on a market. This includes software sold as a download such as a mobile app and software that is sold as a service such as a news website. The following are common examples of software products including consumer and business software.
Accounting Software
Antivirus Software
Backup & Restore
Blogging Platforms
Chat & Messaging
Children's Software
Cloud Services
Cloud Storage
Communication Software
Computer Aided Design (CAD)
Content Management Software
Customer Relationship Management
Customer Service Platforms
Data Platforms
Data Visualization
Document Authoring
Educational Software
Email Clients
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
File Managers
Health Apps
Illustration Software
Language & Translation
Machine Learning
Marketing Automation
Media Authoring & Production
Media Players & Clients
Mixed Reality (e.g. Digital Twins)
Mobile Apps
Modeling & 3d Graphics
Music Production Software
News & Weather
Office Productivity
Operating Systems
Photo Editors
Point of Sale Systems
Presentation Software
Productivity Tools
Programming Languages
Reporting Tools
Salesforce Automation
Schedules & Calendars
Scientific Computing
Screencasting / Device Integration
Scripting Platforms
Security Infrastructure (e.g. firewalls)
Security Software (e.g. password managers)
Social Media
Software Development Tools
Streaming Media Apps
System Utilities (for maintaining a computer)
Systems Software
Text Editors
Video Conferencing
Video Editing
Video Game Mods
Video Games
Virtual Assistants
Virtual Worlds
Vlogging Platforms
Web Browsers
Word Processors
Overview: Software Products
Definition (1)
Software that has been developed and maintained to be sold or distributed on a market.
Definition (2)
Software sold on markets as physical media, a download or provided as a service.
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