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5 Examples of a Dedicated Line

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A dedicated line is a network connection that isn't shared. These may be implemented using resources such as fiber optic cables that are physically shared but are logically separated with guaranteed levels of performance. Dedicated lines tend to be more secure as they can be isolated from the public internet. The following are illustrative examples of a dedicated line.

Home Network

A smart TV is directly connected to data storage with a high speed cable. This improves performance as opposed to connecting to the storage over wifi. The storage can also remain unconnected to the internet as a means of securing privacy for files such as family photos.

Site to Site

A company creates a single local area network for two offices by connecting the offices with a leased line.

Site to Network

A Japanese manufacturer connects its factory in Taiwan to its corporate network using an international private leased circuit.

Campus Area Network

A University owns and operates private lines that connect multiple buildings on its campus.

Private Cloud

A bank uses private leased lines from multiple telecom companies to connect its data centers and office locations. This provides high bandwidth services that are more reliable than public networks. It also enhances security as encrypted traffic between locations doesn't traverse the internet.
Overview: Dedicated Line
A network connection that isn't shared.
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