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5 Examples of a Token

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A token is an object that represents a right or entitlement. They are often used to secure digital resources. The following are illustrative examples of a token.

Casino Token

Chips that are used in lieu of currency at casinos. They are usually unique to each casino and have security features such as markings and electronic tags. Casino tokens are designed and produced with unique color, art, look and feel, weighting and materials that are based on closely held trade secrets.

Railway Token

A physical object such as a staff, tablet or key was historically used by railways in Britain and elsewhere as an authorization for a train to use a section of track for single track railways. This made collisions impossible as long as procedures were followed. As early as the 1920s, electronic tokens began to replace physical railway tokens.

Security Token

Tokens are a fundamental building block of information security. In this context, they are often generated by cryptographic hash functions and exchanged by secure processes that use encryption. Security tokens may be designed to change on a regular basis. For example, a smart card may generate new tokens every few seconds or minutes.

Session Token

A common type of security token that is used to prove you own a session on a website or software service. This allows users to prove who they are with each request without having to reenter a password repeatedly.

Access Token

Tokens in one form or another are often used in authorization processes to validate that a request for resources is permitted by a security policy. When this occurs on a system to system basis, the token is often called an access token. For example, an access token may be required for a system to call an API.
Overview: Tokens
An digital or physical object that represents a right or entitlement.
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