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37 Examples of IT Goals

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Information technology goals are targets for the development, operation, management and marketing of information technology. These are developed as part of strategy and as the performance objectives of IT teams. The following are illustrative examples of IT goals.


Grow service subscriptions 14% to 300,000 users representing a run rate of $11 million a month.

Cost Reduction

Reduce licensing costs by retiring legacy operating systems in favor of linux. Goal: reduce recurring licensing costs by $70,000 a year.

Cost Per User

Improve cost per user to $33 a month for IT help desk and infrastructure support.

Cost Per Ticket

Reduce cost per ticket by 17% to $22.50 for help desk requests.

Cost Per Transaction

Improve cost per transaction to $0.02 for ecommerce sales.

Internal Controls

Implement segregation of duties for approving system access and granting system access. Goal: 100% segregation between the authority to grant and approve system access to achieve information security compliance.

Risk Exposure

Reduce risk exposure related to legacy hardware and systems by $200,000.

Budget Variance

Deliver the private cloud infrastructure project within a budget variance of 5% or less.

Schedule Variance

Deliver the private cloud infrastructure project on time with a schedule variance of less than 5%.


Increase the throughput of change requests by 10% to 440 story points a month.

Cost Effectiveness

Reduce the IT costs of the ecommerce site by 14% to 1.3% of revenue.

Return on Investment

Achieve a 3-year return on investment of 44% for the data center automation project.


Increase the output of the development team to 30 lines of code a day per developer.


Increase the efficiency of meeting rooms with a system that charges teams for booking a room and then not using it. Measurement: reduce the number of booked meeting rooms that go unused by 50% without reducing overall bookings.


Reduce IT spend as a percentage of revenue to 5% while continuing to increase IT capabilities that represent a competitive advantage.

Turnaround Time

Reduce the turnaround time of high and medium priority change requests to 30 days.


Achieve _______ standards compliance.


Improve the average age of critical computing infrastructure to 9.3 years from the current 13.8 years.

Time to Market

Improve the time to market for service features to 3 months.

Capability Rate

Increase the number of systems, applications and services that comply to service management. Goal: service management capability rate of 70% for systems and applications with an opex budget of more than $30,000 per annum.


Reduce the number of high severity information security incidents to zero.


Improve the availability of the customer relationship management platform to 99.99%.

Defect Rate

Reduce the production defect rate by 22% to 0.08 per 1000 lines of code.

Mean Time to Recovery

Improve mean time to recovery to 22 minutes for severity 1 & 2 incidents.

Ticket Quality

Improve stakeholder satisfaction with incident tickets to 85%.

First Level Resolution Rate

Improve first level resolution rate to 92% with training and troubleshooting tools.

Transaction Speed

Improve average order transaction time by 30% to 1.2 seconds.

Page Speed

Reduce First Contentful Paint to an average of 400 ms for ecommerce pages.

Patch Latency

Reduce patch latency for high priority security updates to 4 business days.

Compliance Rate

Improve audit trail compliance rate to 70% of systems and applications.

Resource Utilization

Increase billable hours to an average of 90% for the team.

SLA Compliance

Reduce SLA violations to 90 from 234 for internal customers.

Customer Satisfaction

Improve customer satisfaction with the ecommerce app to 66% from 55%.

Deliverables Satisfaction

Improve satisfaction with deliverables to 85%.

Stakeholder Satisfaction

Increase score on quarterly stakeholder satisfaction survey to 73%.

Employee Satisfaction

Improve employee satisfaction to 95% for high performing developers.


Recruit talent to increase the output of the team by 400 story points per month. Goal: hire 3 developers with zero percent turnover and performance ratings of at least 3.8 in year one.


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