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Coding vs AI

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Coding is the practice of developing computing functionality by inputting instructions into a programming language that then gets converted into low level instructions that machines understand.
Artificial Intelligence is a class of software that can self-learn and improve. As with all software it is produced by coding. However, the functionality of artificial intelligence is formed by training.
In future, it is likely that less people will code and more time will be spent designing training for artificial intelligence. Most current artificial intelligence code is specialized for a particular problem domain. With time more generic frameworks may emerge that start to replace coding.
This shift will change the nature of computing. Coding typically begins with a set of requirements that are implemented with reasonable precision. Artificial intelligence is more like training a human employee, the results are less predictable but potentially more powerful.
Coding vs Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence
Developing computing functionality by inputting programming language code.
Computing functionality that learns and self improves.

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