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21 Examples of Operating Systems

 , April 20, 2019 updated on April 08, 2023
An operating system is software that makes hardware usable. On its own, computing hardware such as a smart phone only executes low level instructions that are far detached from the uses of the device. An operating system provides a basic user interface and tools that allow software and users to use hardware. Examples of common operating systems include iOS, Linux, Windows and Android. The following are basic examples of operating system functions.
Resource Management
Manages the hardware on a computer or device such as CPU, memory and disk.
Manages flow of input and output from devices such as keyboards, mouse and screens.
File System
Provides a system for storing, securing and managing files.
User Interface
Provides a graphical user interface and often a textual interface known as a command prompt.
Software Management
Manages the installation, update and removal of software.
Application Programming Interfaces
Provides libraries that can be used to implement software on the operating system.
User Account Control
Manages security around user accounts and permissions.
Network Services
Provides network connectivity services for a device.
Customization Support
Support for multiple users to login and customize the device.
System Security
Security such as access control, virus protection and network security services.
Memory Management
Manages the memory on a device to provide memory to software.
Process Scheduling
Coordinating resources so that many software processes can appear to run at the same time.
Device Management
Managing devices and device drivers.
Peripheral Devices
Integrating with external devices such as a printer.
Error Handling
Logging errors and handling errors some reasonably fault tolerant way.
Audio & Video
Services to play audio and video and to make use of related devices such as video cards, screens and speakers.
Power Management
Managing low power modes on various devices.
Remote Access
Services that allow a device to be accessed remotely.
System Monitoring
Monitoring system resources and events.
Backup & Restore
Processes to backup files, software and the operating system itself and restore these things as required.
Boot Process
The process of initializing all hardware, services and software.

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