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55 Examples of Technology Issues

Technology issues are areas of strategic focus for an organization's IT strategy. These include problems, opportunities and risks. Technology issues can stem from internal factors such as data quality issues and inefficient processes. They are also driven by external conditions such as new regulations, competition and disruptive technologies. The following are common examples of technology issues.
Aligning Systems and Business Processes
Architectural Transitions e.g. to microservices
Business Continuity
Business Pain Points With Technology
Change Management & Resistance to Change
Competition for IT Talent
Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities & Threats
Data Privacy & Security
Data Quality
Digital Transformation
Efficiency of Business Processes
Environmental Footprint of Technology
Facility Modernization
Help Desk Services and Support
Helping Customers Navigate Cybersecurity Issues
IT Asset Management
IT Compliance
IT Cost Management
IT Incidents & Problems
IT Partner Performance
IT Procurement and Sourcing
IT Project Management
IT Quality Assurance
IT Regulatory Compliance
IT Risk Management
IT Scalability & Capacity
IT Stakeholder Management
IT Vendor Management
Integration of Systems
Leveraging Data
Leveraging Knowledge / Documentation
Managing / Rationalizing Software License Cost
Managing / Securing Cloud Infrastructure
Maturing DevOps / Automation of Operations
Measuing Employee Productivity & Performance
Measuring & Optimizing Business
Mobile Device Management
Modernization of Legacy Technologies
Outsourcing / Insourcing Strategy
Poor User Experience
Reducing Infrastructure Costs
Remote Working Tools
Robotics & Physical Automation
Secure Communication / Messaging Systems
Secure Identity & Access Management
Standards Compliance
Strategy for Virtual / Augmented Reality
Streamlining Business Processes
Technological Disruption of Industry
Technology Rationalization
Technology Research, Development & Innovation
Transition to Artificial Intelligence
Transition to Cloud Infrastructure
Transition to Low-Code / No-Code Platforms

Technology Strategy

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