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Technology management is the planning and control of technology. This is a broad discipline that can include management of development teams, programs, projects, operations, governance processes, applications, systems, infrastructure and architecture. The following are common examples of technology management functions and duties.
Align technology to business needs
Application development
Application integration
Application management
Assess new technologies
Asset management
Automate business processes
Availability management
Backup & recovery processes
Budget control
Budget planning
Build high-performing teams
Business continuity planning
Business process improvement & re-engineering
Capacity planning
Change management
Communication strategy
Compliance management
Compliance monitoring
Configuration management
Content management
Continual service improvement
Contract negotiation
Cost optimization
Cyber threat analysis
Cybersecurity management
Data analysis
Data governance
Data management
Data privacy compliance
Deliver IT services
Demand management
DevOps management
Digital transformation
Disaster planning
Disaster recovery
Document management
Ecommerce strategies
Enterprise architecture
Enterprise mobility strategies
IT architecture
IT asset management
IT governance
IT metrics
IT operations
IT procurement
IT quality assurance
IT reporting
IT service management
IT standards adoption
IT transparency
Incident management
Information governance processes
Information security
Infrastructure design
Infrastructure management
Infrastructure strategy
Knowledge management processes
Lead and manage IT teams
Maintenance management
Manage IT operations
Manage legacy systems
Manage network infrastructure
Manage operational risk
Manage product development
Manage software testing
Manage stakeholder relationships
Manage supplier relationships
Manage systems integration
Manage team performance
Manage technical support
Manage vendor relationships
Network management
Operational risk management
Outsourcing management
Performance management for IT teams
Problem management
Procurement management
Program management
Project management practices
R&D management
Recruit IT talent
Reduce business cost and improve efficiency
Release management
Security architecture
Service delivery
Service desk management
Service level management
Service management
Service operations
Software architecture and design
Software development processes
Stakeholder management
System architecture and design
Systems integration
Technology R&D projects
Technology assessments
Technology governance
Technology innovation
Technology roadmaps
Technology strategy
Technology strategy
Training and development for IT teams
User experience design practices
User training programs
Vendor management
Vendor scorecards

Technology Management

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