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25 Examples of IT Performance

IT performance is the measurement and evaluation of the value produced by information technology teams, practices, projects, partners, services and individual contributors. This centers around IT metrics that gauge the responsiveness, productivity, efficiency, quality and effectiveness of IT. The following are common examples of IT performance.

Time to Market

How quickly you are shipping products, systems and changes.

Project Success Rate

The percentage of projects that are deemed a success.

Schedule Variance

The variance between planned schedule and actual delivery.

Budget Variance

Staying on budget including team and project budgets.

Response Time

Average response time to inquiries, service requests and change requests.

System Response Time

Technical response times such as page load times.

Service Reliability and Availability

The percentage of time a service, system or application is fully up.


The total planned and unplanned downtime of a service, system, application or facility.

Incident Response Time

The initial response time to an incident.

Mean Time Between Failures

How long a system remains incident free.

Mean Time to Repair

How long it takes to restore service after an incident.

Number of Incidents

The number of incidents by severity.

Information Security Incidents

Information security incidents such as data breaches.

SLA Compliance Rate

Number of SLAs that were met as a percentage of total SLAs. Often close to 100% such that this is a bit of a vanity metric.

First Call Resolution

Relates to service desk and the percentage of inquires that are resolved within the first contact.

User Adoption Rate

The percentage of users that use a system, application or feature.

User Satisfaction Rate

User satisfaction with the services you provide.

Customer Satisfaction Rate

Customer satisfaction is a primary performance metric for most customer facing IT services.

IT Cost

The total cost of IT as a percentage of revenue. This is a benchmark that can be compared to other firms in your industry.

Change Velocity

The number of changes completed in a month. This can include some measure of change complexity such as story points.

Change Success Rate

The percentage of changes that are successful at launch.

Work Throughput

Measures of the total amount of work produced in a month per employee.

Return on Investment

Return on investment for systems, infrastructure, facilities and projects.

IT Efficiency

Efficiency metrics such as capacity utilization, asset utilization or the energy efficiency of data centers.

IT Productivity

The productivity rate of IT employees such as the lines of code per month produced by developers.
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