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64 Examples of the Internet

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The internet is a network of connected devices and services that allow for communication, media and computing at global scale. Most things that people do with their phones, tablets, computers and televisions involve the internet and it is increasingly common for everyday things such as doorbells to use the internet. The following are examples of the internet.
AI platforms
Analytics platforms
Business integration
Business services
Chat rooms
Cloud backup
Cloud computing
Cloud platforms
Cloud storage
Collaboration tools
Connected appliances
Digital advertising
Digital marketing
Discussion boards
File sharing
Fitness apps and trackers
Home security systems
Internet of things (IoT)
Live streaming
Messaging apps
Mobile apps
Mobile payment services
Navigation services
News apps
Office productivity tools
Online banking
Online bills and invoices
Online calling - voice over ip
Online education and learning
Online events
Online games
Online markets
Online recruiting
Online self-service
Online services
Online shopping
Online trading
Online video
Online virtual reality
Review sites
Smart city infrastructure
Smart home devices
Smart locks and doorbells
Social media
Software as a service
Software downloads
Software updates
Steaming music
Streaming movies
Surveillance systems
Tracking devices
Video chat
Video conferencing
Virtual assistants
Voice services
Weather apps
Internet of things is any product, machine, infrastructure or equipment that connects to the internet. For example, solar panels that are remotely managed over the internet.
Mobile apps are typically installed over the internet and often connect to the internet as part of their service.
Most services over 4g, 5g or Wifi are based on the internet.

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