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50 Examples of IT Management

 , January 09, 2023
IT management is the practice of directing IT teams and controlling IT processes. This is a broad profession that includes the management of software development, DevOps, operations, service desk, architecture, project management and specialized teams. It is common for an IT manager to be responsibility for the performance of a team and for the delivery of a set of IT services, practices, programs and projects. The following are common examples of IT management.
Budget Control
Budget Planning
Business Analysis
Capability Management - managing IT services as a set of capabilities
Capacity Management
Change Control - servicing change requests
Change Management - the process of leading change
Clearing Issues
Competency Management - building required skills and talents across team
Cross-functional Cooperation
Goal Setting
IT Asset Management
IT Audits
IT Benchmarking
IT Compliance
IT Controls
IT Governance Process
IT Metrics
IT Modernization
IT Operations Management
IT Planning
IT Procurement
IT Reporting
IT Risk Management
IT Standards
IT Strategy
Incident Management
Knowledge Management
Lessons Learned - recognizing and learning from failure
Managing Architecture & Design
Organizational Visibility - selling the value of your team
Performance Management
Problem Management
Product Evaluations
Program Management
Project Management
Service Level Management
Service Management - the process of planning, developing and operating IT services.
Software Development Lifecycle
Solution Prototypes
Stakeholder Relationships
Status Reporting
Systems Analysis
Team Culture
Team Management
Team Productivity
Training & Development
Vendor Management
Vendor Strategy - how to get the most out of vendors

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Cloud Computing
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Data Architecture
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Data Infrastructure
Data Integration
Data Science
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Data Wrangling
Deep Magic
Digital Transformation
Edge Computing
Enterprise Architecture
Event Processing
High Availability
Horizontal Scale
Information Science
Information Security
Information Technology
IT Architecture
IT Artifact
IT Assets
IT Biases
IT Capabilities
IT Controls
IT Gaps
IT Goals
IT Governance
IT Lifecycle
IT Management
IT Metrics
It Metrics
IT Objectives
IT Operations
IT Planning
IT Principles
IT Quality
IT Risk Management
IT Risks
IT Services
IT Strategy
IT Support
Key Stretching
Low Technology
Managed Services
Master Data
Network Arch.
Network Infra.
Office Automation
Operating Systems
Overlay Network
Proof Of Work
Quality Assurance
Regression Testing
Reputation Systems
Self Service
Service Level
Service Management
Software Quality
Solution Architecture
Strategic Planning
Strategic Thinking
System Architecture
Technical Skills
Technology Culture
Technology Issues
Technology Strategy
Unstructured Data
Utility Computing
Workload Automation
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