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12 Types of IT Architecture

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IT architecture is the structural design of information technology. This is a broad area that includes several distinct practices:

Enterprise Architecture

The top level structure of information technology. Defines foundational principles, platforms, models and standards to be used by the entire organization. This requires a great deal of authority and/or influence and is typically an executive role.

IT Governance

Oversight of IT strategy and change. Aligns change to business strategy and enterprise architecture. Typically reviews the architecture of major projects with authority to stop funding.

IT Risk Management

The process of identifying and managing IT risk. This requires architectural analysis and solutions for treating risk.

Information Security Architecture

Analysis of information security at the structural level. Outputs include principles, models, controls, policies, processes, procedures and standards to address information security.

Technology Architecture

The design of technology infrastructure such as networks and computing facilities.

Business Architecture

Analysis and design of business structures. For example, an analysis of current business capabilities, gaps between capabilities and strategy and a roadmap for future capabilities.

Systems Architecture

Designing systems that automate work.

Applications Architecture

Designing applications that are used by people.

Information Architecture

Designing information structures for people to use.

Data Architecture

Designing data models, structures and integrations for machine use.

Solutions Architecture

A generic term for architecture at the implementation level including systems, applications, data, information security and technology architecture.


It is common to address architecture in terms of specialized domains or technologies. For example, a cloud architect.
Overview: IT Architecture
The structural design of information technology.
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