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Design skills are the know-how, talents and experience required to be a productive designer. Design is a broad term that can apply to the design of brands, promotions, graphics, user interfaces, environments, experiences and media. As such, a wide and diverse array of skills are associated with design as follows.
Art Direction
Audio Design
Brand Guidelines - developing design specifications for a brand
Brand Tone of Voice - capturing the spirit of a brand in your work
Color Theory - working knowledge of color composition and perceptions
Competitive Landscape / Trend Awareness
Corporate Identity - brand colors / logos
Creative Campaigns
Creative Direction
Creative Thinking - coming up with nonobvious ideas
Creative Vision - pitching a vision for future designs such as a corporate identity
Cross-functional Work - collaborating with business, technology, operations etc..
Customer Advocacy - working with customers to improve designs
Data Visualization
Design Analysis - developing all the knowledge artifacts that go into a design such as client requirements
Design Concept - developing high level design proposals
Design Documentation
Design Principles
Design Quality - refined work that demonstrates mastery and diligence
Design Research - developing data to support design decisions
Design Reviews / Critiques
Design Software / Platforms e.g. Creative Cloud
Developing Design Assets - working from abstract concepts to produce valuable designs
Digital Design - graphics and interfaces in a digital environment such as a mobile app
Drawing Skills
Feasibility Studies
Graphic Design
Iconography - developing meaningful visual symbols
Ideation - pitching ideas and concepts
Interior Design
Layout & Composition
Leading Design Teams
Managing Projects / Meeting Deadlines
Market Research / User Research
Mobile App Design
Modeling / Rendering 3D
Motion Graphics
Multimedia Design
Photo Editing e.g. Photoshop
Prototypes / Mockups
User Experience
User Interface Design
User Testing
Video Editing
Visual Communication
Visual Thinking - a foundational design talent
Web Design

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