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42 Examples of Square Things

Square things are things with four equal length sides and four right angles. There are also many form factors that include a square such as cubes that are bounded by six square faces. Squares are rare in nature but do appear as crystalline structures such as crystal pyrite, salt and sugar. They are also a somewhat common shape for human designed items as they are symmetrical and have several useful applications. For example, square boxes are an efficient shape for boxing round things. The following are illustrative examples of square things.
Borg Cubes (fictional spacecraft)
Bread Slices
Building Blocks
CD Cases
Checker Boards
Chess Boards
Chocolate Squares
Crackers & Biscuits
Cube Shaped Buildings
Cube Shaped Electronics e.g. speakers
Days on a Calendar
Dessert Squares / Bars
Floppy Disks
Fruit Cubes
Graph Paper Grids
Keyboard Keys (usually rounded squares)
Minecraft Blocks
Mineral Crystals e.g. Pyrite Crystal
Origami Paper
Pizza Boxes
Ring Boxes
Rubiks Cubes
Salt Crystals
Square Boxes - often used for round objects
Square Chocolates
Square Clocks
Square Cobblestones
Square Cushions
Square Cut Gems
Square Rooms
Sugar Crystals
Sugar Cubes
Window Panes

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