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7 Examples of a Form Factor

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Form factor is the size, shape, form and physical interfaces of a design. The term is used for standard or common physical formats for a product category. The following are illustrative examples.


A design that conforms to a standard interface such as a particular shape and voltage of rechargeable battery that is compatible with a broad range of electronics.


Formats such as a vinyl record versus a cassette tape.


Categories of product such as a laptop versus a tablet computer.


Packaging such as a bottle of sparkling water versus a can.

Small Form Factor

A tiny version of a product such a small computing unit used in embedded systems.


Products designed for ease of installation such as a computing unit that fits into a standard rack in a data center.

Customer Needs

Different sizes produced for different customer needs. For example, large solar panels for sale to utility-scale projects and smaller solar panels for sale to consumers.
Overview: Form Factor
The size, shape, form and physical interfaces of a design.
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