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16 Examples of Market Goods

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Market goods are products and services that are sold on open markets. This includes both tangible and intangible entities that have value that can be owned or experienced. Market goods are either marketed to consumers or businesses. The following are common examples of market goods.
Antiques & Collectibles
Business Goods
Business Services
Consumer Goods
Consumer Services
Digital Products
Digital Services
Durable Goods
Experience Goods
Fast Moving Consumer Goods
Industrial Goods
Luxury Goods
Non-Durable Goods
Specialty Goods
Used Goods
Fast moving consumer goods are products that are quickly consumed and repurchased such as food or cleaning supplies.


Market goods do not include things like government services that are provided for free or based on entitlements. Likewise, things that have value that are freely available to all such as air aren't market goods.
Public goods such as government services.
Common resources such as a public beach.
Inalienable rights such as liberty that can't be bought and sold.
Intangible elements of the human experience such as friendship.


Over time, more and more elements of the human experience are traded on markets as goods and services. This is a process known as commodification. For example, social status was historically earned through your roles and relationships within your community. Modern products and services attempt to commodify this with brands or experiences designed to represent and signal social status.


Market goods are tangible and intangible units of value that are sold on open markets to consumers and businesses.
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