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Professional Development
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23 Examples of Professional Growth

Professional growth are goals that an employee sets to improve in their current work or acquire new directions in their career. These are often designed to be measurable due to the mantra of smart goals. However, it is often enough for a professional growth goal to be confirmable. For example, if you set a goal to attend training it can be confirmed at a later date if you actually did this or not. The following are illustrative examples of professional goals.
Attend 2-3 conferences to gain industry knowledge and competitive insights.
Lead a project team to deliver code to requirements and schedule. Measurements: schedule variance, stakeholder feedback, team feedback
Gain presentation experience by doing a lunch and learn session that gives an overview of our work.
Gain public speaking experience by presenting at 1 or 2 industry conferences.
Improve meeting management capabilities by developing both an agenda and meeting minutes for each of the weekly team meetings in the quarter. Measurement: feedback from meeting participants.
Develop presales experience by providing technical product support to sales teams in sales meetings. Measurement: feedback from sales teams.
Development management experience by sitting in for the front desk manager. Measurement: feedback from front desk managers.
Gain experience teaching mathematics by teaching the 5th grade math class in 2nd term.
Lead the ___ audit to gain experience in audits, compliance and internal controls.
Help junior developers navigate our software development process to gain experience mentoring and teaching others.
Work the front desk to gain experience working directly with customers. Measurement: customer ratings / feedback
Gain experience developing code by taking on small projects and change requests. Target: complete at least two coding deliverables in Q2.
Take the lead on several sales engagements to gain experience in price negotiation and closing. Target: take the lead on several opportunities to close at least 50k in recurring revenue.
Lead an initiative to develop a risk assessment for 305 internal systems to gain experience managing IT risk assessments at the company-wide level.
Engage in online study to learn ____ on the ___ platform. Target: complete units ___ and ___ with a score of at least 90%.
Continue to advance my education with the part-time pursuit of a Industrial & Operations Engineering MSE and MBA. Goal: complete 3 credits in 2037.
Participate in a secure coding workshop to gain knowledge of information security practices.
Support the ___ system in production to learn the incident management process and improve my troubleshooting skills.
Train users from 17 internal teams to use the ___ system to develop my communication capabilities.
Take training to learn how to administer the ____ cloud platform.
Self-study to improve my German language ability. Goal: take the ____ test to certify German language proficiency at the ___ level.
Self-study to pass the ___ certification exam.
Gain experience in the area of requirements gathering by leading the development of requirements for the ___ project.


As you can see in the examples above, professional growth plans are an opportunity to ask for work that you'd like to try such as gaining management experience.
In some cases you can reframe your work assignments as professional development. For example, if you are performing some type of business analysis this can be a growth opportunity if you've never done this type of analysis in the past.

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