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12 Examples of Hands-on Experience

Hands-on experiences are work, training and activities that directly produce an end-result. This can be contrasted with hands-off approaches such as a manager who delegates tasks that they themselves have never directly completed. Hands-on experience is valued because in order to fully understand a task or process you need to have completed it yourself. Employers also ask for hands-on experience because they are trying to filter out candidates who avoid work by over-delegating. The following are illustrative examples of hands-on work.
A CEO who shows up at a low level engineering meeting intended to resolve a quality problem with a product.
A class exercise that allows students to design and build their own robot with a kit.
A manager of a restaurant who steps in to help in the kitchen when there is a dinner rush.
A politician who visits a disaster site to ask what the government can do to help.
A teacher who sits with a student to help them complete a math problem they are struggling with.
An airplane mechanic who has directly worked on a particular model of engine in the past.
An operations manager who goes down to the factory floor to help troubleshoot a problem.
Calling a customer to help them resolve a problem.
Framing a house.
Operating a machine.
Training that provides participants with a chance to disassemble and reassemble a machine.
Writing, implementing and supporting code in production.

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