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Program Management
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Program Management

31 Examples of Program Planning

Program planning is the practice of planning an ongoing initiative. This can include the planning of a multiple interrelated projects that may be delivered over an extended period of time. The following are common examples of steps in a program planning effort.
Conduct feasibility studies.
Conduct information gathering and research.
Conduct requirements gathering.
Develop a budget plan / proposal.
Develop a communication plan.
Develop a procurement plan.
Develop a program schedule.
Develop a program strategy / road map.
Develop business plans / business cases.
Document a program definition, overview, mission and vision.
Document alternative approaches that were considered.
Document assumptions.
Document dependencies and constraints.
Document program processes or reference a standard or framework that will be used.
Document program structure, roles and responsibilities.
Document program success criteria.
Establish partnerships.
Estimate duration and cost for program / project tasks and activities.
Financial analysis such as a return on investment calculation.
Identify stakeholders.
Identify business / stakeholder / customer needs.
Identify how change will be managed and controlled.
Identify program and project deliverables and milestones.
Identify program benefits and target outcomes.
Identify program goals and objectives.
Identify program risks.
Identify projects that will fall under the program.
Identify resource requirements.
Plan to manage program risks.
Structure program governance.
Overview: Program Planning
The practice of planning an ongoing initiative.
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Program Management

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