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What is Stakeholder Satisfaction?

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Stakeholder satisfaction is a measurement of stakeholder perceptions of a program, project or initiative. It is measured by asking stakeholders to rate their satisfaction on a numerical scale.

The Survey

As with customer satisfaction, the question used to determine stakeholder satisfaction is kept as simple as possible. The following are common examples.
How satisfied are you with _________ project?
How satisfied are you with the outcome of the _________ project?
How satisfied are you with the results of the _________ project?
The survey can have other questions but stakeholder satisfaction is typically calculated from a single question.


Stakeholder satisfaction can be measured at any time. For example, it can be measured mid-project and/or after launch. In many cases, satisfaction will be high at the start of a project, low in the middle and high immediately after launch.

Client Satisfaction

Stakeholders who paid for the project can be measured separately from other stakeholders using a term such as "client satisfaction" or "sponsor satisfaction".


Stakeholder satisfaction is a means of evaluating the performance of project leadership in areas such as change management, program management and project management. It is also a way to gauge benefits realization as a project may meet its budget and schedule but be perceived as low value in terms of its impact on revenue, costs and operations.
Overview: Stakeholder Satisfaction
A change management metric based on a question that asks stakeholders to rate their satisfaction with a program, project or initiative.
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