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5 Examples of Quantification

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Quantification is the mapping of human perception and thought to numbers. It is typically achieved by asking people to rate, rank and describe things according to multiple choice questions or a scale. Quantification allows for the analysis of qualitative things and is widely used in science, medicine, public policy, business and management. The following are common examples.

Happiness Index

Asking people how happy they are is an important quality of life measurement.


It is common for medical analysis to be based on patient reported ratings such as a pain scale.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer reported satisfaction with a product, service, firm or brand. An extremely common and widely used business metric for more than 60 years.

Reputation Systems

Sales in industries such as hotels and restaurants are heavily influenced by ratings by customers.

Sensory Analysis

Sensory analysis such as taste tests are a common product development and quality assurance practice in many industries.
Overview: Quantification
Definition (1)
The mapping of human perception and thought to numbers.
Definition (2)
Numerical data based on human observations.
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