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37 Examples of Information Management

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Information management is the planning, operation and control of information acquisition, custodianship, quality, access, retention and disposal. This is a broad practice that overlaps with data management, knowledge management and information assurance. The following are common examples of information management.
Access control and permissions
Backup and recovery
Business continuity and disaster recovery planning
Capacity management
Content management
Data cleansing
Data management
Data stewards and data custodians
Document management
Document templates and standards
Document tracking and versioning
Email management
Information access, retrieval and tools
Information architecture
Information archiving
Information asset inventories
Information asset management
Information assurance
Information audits
Information classification
Information collection
Information governance
Information loss prevention
Information privacy and confidentiality
Information quality
Information risk assessments
Information risk management
Information security
Information sharing tools and controls
Information validation
Information visualization
Knowledge management
Master data management
Records disposal and destruction
Records management
Reference data management
Retention policies and management
Information assurance is the process of managing the quality of information and information processes including the precision, accuracy, reliability, confidentiality, integrity and availability of information.
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Data Backup
Data Management
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Document Control
Information Assurance
Information Management
Information Density
Master Copy
Information Security
Records Management
Knowledge Management
Retention Schedule
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