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What is Business As Usual?

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Business as usual is a term for the continuation of normal processes and procedures during an extraordinary period or event. For example, a company may continue business as usual after being acquired by another firm so that sales don't drop, customer service doesn't suffer and investments in new developments aren't lost.
The term is attributed to Winston Churchill with his statement: ''The maxim of the British people is business as usual" in the early days of WWI. The term was adopted by the British government to encourage people to keep the government and economy moving despite the terrible events that were unfolding. In WWII, the British government adopted the similar slogan "Keep Calm and Carry On."
Overview: Business As Usual
Business Principle
Risk Mitigation
Continuing with normal operations during an extraordinary period or event.
Becoming distracted by greater events can result in the breakdown of processes and loss of project investments. For example, a firm that fails to maintain business as usual during an acquisition may suffer large losses if the acquisition is terminated.
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Keep Calm And Carry On
Risk Mitigation
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