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Information Environment

40 Examples of Information Culture

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An information culture is the way that a group integrates information into life. This can occur at the level of a society, organization, community or group and includes norms of communication, media, information sharing and analysis. The following are common examples of information culture.
Digital divide
Open data
Whistleblower protection
Misinformation & disinformation
Information silos
Filter bubbles
Information sharing
Information activism
Privacy norms
Privacy rights
Respect for privacy
Freedom of expression
Freedom of speech
Freedom of information
Level of trust
Digital literacy
Media literacy
Media bias
Information asymmetry
Information access
Information hoarding
Information overload
Information literacy
Information chaos
Reputation as information
Virtue signaling
Social status as information
Celebrity culture
Media influencers
Information as competitive advantage
Open communication
Accountability for information
Feedback loops
Information as empowerment
A filter bubble is a tool such as social media that shows you information that aligns to your worldview, attitudes, interests and values such that you may not be exposed to alternative views or mainstream views.
Information asymmetry is a situation where one side has more information than the other side. For example, friends of company insiders who know that negative news is coming where most investors do not have this information.
Information chaos is a situation where information from authoritative and non-authoritative sources are difficult to tell apart.
An information silo is a group that doesn't share information.
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