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15 Examples of an Information Asset

 , November 10, 2017
An information asset is a body of information that has financial value to an organization. Generally speaking, this means that it improves future revenues or reduces future costs. The following are illustrative examples of an information asset.


Strategies, plans, goals and objectives that have been developed to improve an organization's future.

Products & Services

Information that is directly sold to customers as a product or service such as a book or research tool.

Intellectual Property

Valuable copyrights, trademarks, patents and other information that is granted legal protections such as trade dress. This includes software that you have developed.

Trade Secrets

Techniques, methods, processes, procedures, formulas and designs that contribute to your competitive advantage.


Information about inflight projects such as requirements, plans and designs. Historical project information may also have limited value as a reference.

Training Materials

Media and content that you use to train your employees and partners.

Marketing Media

Marketing media such as an advertising poster or video that is used to generate demand or brand awareness.

Sales Collaterals

Information tools that are useful for selling such as a sales presentation.

Customer Lists

Data about customers and prospective customers.


Documentation, software and data that are used to complete processes and procedures. For example, product specifications that are required to operate a production line.

Decision Support

Information tools and data that are used to improve decisions.


Financial information such as accounting data and financial reports.

Organizational Culture

Information such as stories and visual symbols that contribute to organizational culture. For example, a set of principles adopted by a customer service team.

Legal & Compliance

Documents and data that are retained for legal and compliance reasons such as employee performance reviews.

Research & Development

Information about current and historical innovation initiatives. For example, market research for a new product design.
Overview: Information Asset
DefinitionA body of information that has financial value to an organization.
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