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29 Examples of the Information Economy

The information economy is a broad term for any industry that primarily generates and captures value from data, information technology or knowledge. The following are illustrative examples.


Hardware for processing, storing and transmitting information such as data storage devices.


The software industry produces systems and applications that automate work or provide tools for users.


Platforms for developing and operating software such as a cloud computing platform.

Consumer Services

Information technology based consumer services such a cloud storage app.

Business Services

Business services that are information intensive such as business process outsourcing.


Offering knowledge work for a fee.

Information Infrastructure

Information infrastructure such as telecom networks.

Data Centers

Facilities for computing infrastructure.

Information Security

Services, consulting and hardware related to information security.

Data Services

Data services such as a market data provider.

Creative Industry

Elements of the creative industry that produce knowledge artifacts such as designs.

Digital Products

Digital products such as an ebook.


Physical manifestations of computing that are typically used to automate work.

Digital Advertising

Services that allow advertisers to reach a target audience through digital channels.

Financial Services

Financial services are largely based on information technology as physical locations and physical financial instruments such as paper money become less common.

Medical Systems

Medical systems and equipment based on information technology.


Digital markets such as a stock market.

Research & Development

The production of unique knowledge.

Competitive Intelligence

Competitive intelligence such as a service that provides data regarding solar industry procurement, deals and prices.

Intellectual Property

The production of intellectual property such as a book or patent.

Public Services

Information services provided by a government such as a government department that produces a wide variety of data and statistics.

Reputation Systems

Reputation systems are information sources that rate the reputation of entities such as a credit rating agency or restaurant review app.


The production and distribution of news, entertainment, art, cultural productions and documentaries.

Social Media

Digital tools that allow anyone to publish messages to the world.

Knowledge Economy

A broad term for economic activity centered around the production of knowledge. For example, a firm that produces engineering designs.

Video Games

The creation and operation of entertaining virtual environments and immersive experiences.

Virtual Economy

Markets for things that do not physically exist such as digital elements of a game.

Digital Experiences

Customer experiences based on digital technologies such as a ride at a theme park based on augmented reality.

Mixed Reality

The integration of the real world with digital entities. For example, a digital twin that can be used to diagnose problems with a jet engine in flight.
Overview: Information Economy
Any industry that generates most of its value from data, information technology or knowledge.
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