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Management Functions

24 Example of Management Expectations

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Management expectations are performance standards that a manager communicates to their team. It is a poor practice to adopt expectations without sufficiently communicating them. Communication of expectations can include informal communication such as a conversation and formal communications such as performance goals. The following are common examples of management expectations.
Being friendly and helpful with customers
Being open and honest
Being productive
Clearing issues without direction
Compliance with the law
Cost diligence
Escalating serious issues
Ethical behavior
Following directions
Making decisions without direction
Meeting commitments
Meeting deadlines
Not wasting resources
Not wasting time
Respectful behavior
Solving problems without direction
Standards compliance
Stewardship of company assets
Taking initiative
Taking ownership
Timely responses to stakeholders
Work quality
Setting expectations is one of the functions of management.
The expectations of managers will differ greatly depending on the role and experience level of employees. For example, you may expect senior staff to work without much direction and to stay productive without monitoring. Expectations for entry level staff may be much lower.
Employees may work to manage the expectations of managers such as communicating that a deadline is impossible.

Management Functions

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