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34 Examples of Management Support

Management support are things that a manager can do to improve employee productivity, goal achievement, career advancement and engagement. Modern managers are viewed as having less of a supervisory and control role to more of a leadership role whereby they provide direction and help in moving things forward. The following are illustrative examples of management support.
Flexible work policies
Regular performance feedback
Information sharing
Meeting planning, facilitation and minutes
Providing public speaking opportunities
Training and development time and funding
Managing low performance
Pushing change forward with change management
Clearing issues
Promoting a positive team culture
Managing team culture issues such as workplace bullying
Using employee feedback to improve things
Employee onboarding
Providing budget and resources
Setting and communicating strategy
Setting and communicating priorities
Making timely and reasonable decisions
Setting clear expectations for work
Supporting professional development
Supporting career changes
Promotion track and promotions for talented employees
Awards and recognition
Assigning a sustained pace of work
High value work assignments
Pushing back on low value work
Setting stakeholder expectations for what will not be delivered
Delegation of authority
Trusting employees based on their past performance
Creating team accountability
Allowing employees to shape their role with job enlargement and enrichment
Providing leadership opportunities
Providing stretch targets to allow employees to show they can do more
Helping an employee through a personal crisis
Seeing the potential in employees and helping them to move their career forward
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