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Management style is an overarching strategy for directing and controlling a business. They exist at both the organization and individual level. At the organizational level, management style is a product of corporate culture. At the individual manager level, it is the product of personality and professional strategy. The following are common management styles.
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Command And Control

The definition of command and control with examples.

Management Approaches

A list of common approaches to management.


A guide to management techniques.

Strategic Planning

A list of techniques for developing and implementing a strategy.


The basics of productivity.

Project Management

A guide to project management.

Internal Benchmarking

The common types of internal benchmarking.

Internal Customer

A definition of internal customer with examples.

Business Optimization

A definition of business optimization with examples.

Team Objectives

The common types of team objective.

Internal Stakeholders

A definition of internal stakeholder with examples.

Management Planning

An overview of the different types of management planning.

Management Examples

A definition of management with examples.


A list of leadership techniques.

Types Of Leadership

The common types and styles of leadership.


A definition of principles with business examples.

Expectation Setting

Common ways to set expectations.

Constructive Criticism

The basic elements of constructive criticism.


The definition of self-organization with examples.

Social Status

The common types of social status.

Humble Leadership

An overview of humble leadership.
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