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70 Examples of Management Planning

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Management planning is the end-to-end process of planning strategy, objectives, operations and projects across an organization.

Strategic Planning

The process of planning what you will do as an organization. This is driven by executive management with other management layers pitching ideas that may be developed into business cases. From a large number of ideas, a few strategies may be prioritized each year. Strategy is typically adopted at the top level of an organization and communicated to the organization with a process of change management.
Mission & vision
Market research
Competitive analysis
SWOT analysis
Strategic objectives
Strategy formation
Business plans & business cases
Strategic decision making
Strategic prioritization
Strategy plan
Strategy communication
Change management

Goal Planning

Objectives and measurements are identified for each prioritized plan. These are aligned across an organization resulting in goals being set for every team, individual and project.
Identifying metrics
Strategic goals
Department goals
Team goals
Individual goals
Performance goals
Project goals
Operational goals

Business Planning

Planning by business, marketing and sales units that are responsible for revenue.
Business development strategy
Product management strategy
Product development planning
Go-to-market strategy
Marketing strategy
Sales strategy
Sales forecasting
Market research
Brand planning
Sales & operations planning (S&OP)

Operations Planning

Planning related to the core value producing processes of a business such as the production of products or delivery of services. Sales & operations planning (S&OP), noted above, is the tie between business planning and operations planning.
Operations strategy
Operations metrics
Operations objectives
Forecasting business volumes
Capacity planning
Technology planning
Risk management planning
Quality assurance planning
Quality control planning
Resource planning
Facility planning
Workforce planning
Supply chain planning
Procurement planning
Customer service planning

Team Planning

Planning processes within a team including the process of assigning work, tracking it and evaluating performance. Work assignments are often tracked in a team action item list or progress report that is updated in team meetings.
Role & responsibilities
Job descriptions
Work assignments
Setting expectations
Action items
Action tracking
Team meetings
Team meeting agendas and meeting minutes
Setting performance goals

Project Planning

The process of establishing a plan for a one time change initiative.
Business case
Project objectives
Stakeholder analysis
Project deliverables
Project constraints & assumptions
Project charter
Work breakdown structure
Task dependencies
Project estimates
Resource planning
Project milestones and timeline
Project schedule
Project budget
Project risk management plan
Project communication plan
Project plan – pulls everything together in a single plan
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