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30 Examples of Sensationalism

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Sensationalism is the use of overly dramatic, manipulative and biased information designed to get attention. This can have commercial motivations or can be propaganda with a political agenda behind it. The following are common examples of sensationalism.
Eye-catching but inaccurate titles
Use of emotionally charged words
Labeling with strong stereotypes
Inaccurate context
Neglect of nuance
Cherry picking details that make things look worse
Provocative imagery
Anecdotal evidence
Trying to create fear, uncertainty and doubt
Baiting controversy and conflict
Stirring dissent
Undermining unity
Taking advantage of mistrust
Exploiting biases
Creating a sense of us vs them
Taking advantage of disparities to exacerbate division
Commentary designed to provoke an emotional reaction
Overstating consequences and risks
Misuse of statistics
Speculation and unverified claims
Creating an inaccurate sense of urgency and time pressure
Quoting out of context
Rumor propagation
Misleading soundbites
Dramatic angles
Dramatic calls to action
Manufactured outrage
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