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Media effects are the results of media influence on people, culture, communities and society in general.

Positive Effects of Media

Although much is made of the negative influence of media, it also has overwhelmingly positive effects in several areas:
Discovering information
Drawing inspiration from others
Using others as role models
Educational programs and content
Creative activities in video games such as worldbuilding
Health awareness
Safety and security awareness
Environmental awareness
Social awareness
History awareness
Cultural awareness
Media as a shared experience
Media as a common reference that can be used to communicate
Entertainment, relaxation and stress relief
Media storytelling that sparks creativity
Media storytelling that shapes the future
Media as a source of creative inspiration
Media as an epic or meaningful experience
Media that increases your sense of wellness
Global awareness
Media as a venue for political discourse and debate
Emergency alerts
Consumer awareness
Economic awareness
Media as an industry that provides jobs and income
Media as a source of cultural capital
Legal awareness
Ethical and moral awareness
Scientific awareness
Transmission of culture such as national culture and pop culture
Media as a source of tradition and cross generational experience
Media as a research tool
Learning from the mistakes of others as depicted in media

Negative Effects of Media

Media can be used to pursue negative behaviors, waste time, disconnect from reality, to push misinformation or create conflict.
Narrow agenda setting
Political polarization
Media addiction and overuse
Wasting time
Creating a fear of missing out
Driving negative consumer behavior such as overspending
Obsession with social status
Using media to pursue negative behaviors such as narcissism
Loss of authenticity
Loss of privacy
Cognitive effects such as low attention span
Escapism and avoidance of reality
Sleep disturbances
Seeking out media that confirms an incorrect conclusion
Negative role models
Using media as a substitute for critical thinking
Loss of productivity
Online safety and security issues
Social isolation
Developing unrealistic views of the real world
Normalization of negative behaviors
Echo chambers whereby media is used to reinforce existing opinions
Comparing yourself to people in media and feelings of inadequacy, superiority or envy
Decreased face-to-face communication
Propagation and enforcement of groupthink
Being emotionally manipulated by media
Imitating negative behaviors from media

Things Affected By Media

Media can have broad reaching effects on every element of modern life including:
Attention span
Awareness of social issues
Biases and discrimination
Body image
Childhood development
Consumer behavior
Consumer perceptions
Consumer spending
Digital literacy
Economic behavior
Environmental awareness
Fear perceptions
Food choices
International relations
Peace and conflict
Political agendas
Political engagement
Political polarization
Public health
Risk avoiding behaviors
Risk perceptions
Risk taking behaviors
Social behavior
Social cohesion
Social identity
Sense of self
Social movements
Social roles
Technology adoption
Work culture
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