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47 Examples of Goals

Goals are targets for the future. These are typically described with an action verb, a measurement, a timeline and a description of the desired future state. The following are illustrative examples.


Purchase and fully customize a faster computer to improve my output to 30 or more designs a month. Target: January 30th, 2031.


Increase the yield of backyard garden to 190 pounds of vegetables per season by properly tilling the soil and removing rocks.


Develop a business plan to expand locations by 50% within two years. Measurement: return on investment, risk exposure, estimated costs

Time Management

Reject low value action items to prioritize core work, particularly coding. Measurement: lines of code produced in a month.

Turnaround Time

Decrease the turnaround time for room service beverage orders to 7 minutes or less.

Cost Reduction

Reduce IT license costs by $380,000 per annum by converting desktops to linux.


Negotiate lower prices with coffee suppliers. Measurement: cost reduction


Achieve revenue target of 12 million per quarter representing an year-over-year increase of 14%.


Control the team budget. Target: compliance with financial processes and a budget variance of +/- 2%.

Internal Controls

Implement an internal control that terminates all non-essential system access when an employee changes departments. Measurement: compliance with security policy.

Business Capabilities

Develop the capability to automatically detect and disable the accounts of ecommerce sellers who are overstating their inventory levels to win orders. Measurement: decrease order delays from third party sellers by 33%.


Develop a strategy to challenge competitors in the microgrid market. Measurement: cost, return on investment, feasibility assessment, risk exposure, stakeholder feedback, approval of plan.


Communicate project goals and urgency to achieve stakeholder buy-in. Measurement: stakeholder acceptance of project proposal.


Gain budget approval for the green roof project. Measurement: stakeholder feedback regarding business case, budget approval.


Play a technical leadership role on the team. Goal: lead the architecture for at least 3 projects.


Influence to gain work assignments that are relevant to my career goals. Measurement: assignment to architecture and project lead work for major projects.


Increase the throughput of change requests to implement at least 300 story points a month.

Project Management

Deliver the energy provisioning system project to requirements. Measurement: stakeholder feedback, budget variance, schedule variance.


Deliver the admissions process. Measurement: admit rate, acceptance rate, capture rate, yield rate.


Attend telecom conferences to build industry contacts and develop leads. Measurement: contacts generated, qualified leads, revenue from generated leads.

Stakeholder Management

Deliver to stakeholder expectations. Measurement: stakeholder satisfaction with action items.

Work Quality

Increase the quality of designs and design deliverables. Measurement: deliverable acceptance rate, client feedback.


Improve customer satisfaction with the business class meal on the London to New York flight with service variations, detailed measurement and optimization. Measurement: customer perceptions and satisfaction with meal service.


Design a coffee package that is perceived by customers as more premium than all major competitors. Measurement: customer perceptions of coffee packaging as compared to top five brands.


Aggressively experiment with test plots to develop a method of carbon sequestration that leverages fast growing crops such as bamboo. Measurements: carbon sequestered per acre per month, value of crops, cost per acre per month.

Business Development

Launch a battery systems unit to complement our solar panel products. Target: Q3 launch, first year battery related revenue of $40 million.

Business Transformation

Develop and implement a strategy to completely move away from fossil fuel energy within 5 years. Measurement: percentage of energy from fossil fuels.


Procure processing and storage units for three new data centers. Measurement: compliance, cost, risk exposure.


Recruit a team of 5 developers. Measurement: time to recruit, first year performance management scores of new recruits.

Training & Development

Provide talented developers an opportunity to lead the development of projects. Measurement: number of project lead opportunities, feedback from developers and stakeholders.

Incident Management

Resolve production incidents with a mean time to repair of less than 30 minutes.

Problem Solving

Resolve stability issues that have caused multiple outages of the settlement system. Measurement: uptime of settlement system.

Decision Making

Develop a tool to calculate accurate margins for all sales proposals and deals. Target: improve deal approvals to increase gross margins to 38%.


Research composite materials to identify candidates that might improve the design of our helmet products. Measurement: feedback from product development team.

Knowledge Management

Capture all project artifacts in the knowledge management system to provide a complete audit trail. Measurement: compliance rate with knowledge management process for projects.

Market Research

Benchmark customer satisfaction against our top 3 competitors. Measurement: feedback from product development and executive team.


Promote brand to achieve brand recognition of 60% of target market.


Automate the baggage check process for all of our flights out of Chicago. Measurements: budget variance, schedule variance, customer satisfaction, return on investment.


Measure the turnaround time for third party orders on our platform by requiring partners to provide us with delivery data. Measurement: percentage of third party orders measured.


Develop a dashboard that communicates current information security threats, incidents and problems. Measurement: stakeholder feedback.

Customer Service

Improve customer satisfaction with front desk services to four stars out of five.


Diversify revenue so that no one partner or customer represents more than 10% of total revenue.

People & Planet

Convert entire fleet of city buses to electric. Goal: 100% electric fleet by Q4.

Risk Management

Identify and manage operational risks. Target: reduce risk exposure by at least 50%.

Risk Taking

Launch at least 15 products to market this year. Target: revenue from new products of $4 million

Disaster Recovery

Goal: improve the resilience of business processes to disasters and disruptions. Target: develop a culture of working from home so that productivity doesn't decline when offices can't be used. Measurement: manager survey regarding productivity achieved by work from home processes.


Reduce the depth of configuration screens so that users can completely configure their service with a single menu. Measurement: customer satisfaction with configuration process.


Most of the examples above omit a target date to avoid repetition. However, it is a common and reasonable practice to specify a target date for each goal.


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