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32 Examples of Strategic Outcomes

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Strategic outcomes are important, overarching and transformative business results. These can be used as goals and to evaluate the performance and position of an organization. For example, a hotel chain with an ambiguous mid-market image that plans to transform itself to become a top luxury brand. The following are common examples of strategic outcomes.
Brand Image
Brand Positioning
Brand Recognition
Business Capabilities
Business Model Transformation
Community Engagement
Controlling Unique Resources
Cost Leadership
Customer Experience
Customer Loyalty
Environmental Sustainability
Geographic Expansion
Intellectual Property
Key Customers
Market Expansion
Market Knowledge
Market Leadership
Media Partnerships
Mergers & Acquisitions
New Facilities
New Products
Operational Efficiency
Product Differentiation
Product Innovation
Quality Improvements
Research Discoveries
Service Innovation
Social Responsibility
Speed to Market
Strategic Alliances
Strategic Locations


Strategic outcomes are the top level results and goals of an organization.


Strategic outcomes are usually long term and aspirational. For example, a plan to expand a small business and achieve brand recognition across a broad market.
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