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24 Examples of Project Change

A project change is any change to what a project is delivering or how it will be delivered. Generally speaking, all changes have an impact on a project such that they influence project complexity and scope. The following are common examples of project change.
Change to organizations
Change to target environments – change to what you are changing
Interpretations of requirements
New administrative processes
New overhead such as meetings that must be attended
New reports and communications
New risks
New stakeholders or sponsors
Non-functional requirements
Project methodology
Quality standards
Regulations and compliance
Project change can extend far beyond what is controlled by a change control process and change requests. This phenomenon is known as scope creep.
People tend to have the mindset that project change relates solely to requirements. For example, a change in the time constraints of a project is not viewed as having any impact on budget or complexity. This is incorrect as delivering something faster requires more resources and thus more coordination overhead. Delivering something slower may result in idle resources that impact budget.
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