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Program Management
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Program Management

16 Examples of Program Metrics

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Program metrics are standard measurements for monitoring, controlling, evaluating and benchmarking an ongoing program. These include metrics for budget, schedule, risk, quality, financial results, effectiveness and projects. The following are common program metrics.
Actual Cost
The total cost of the program to date.
Budget Variance
The difference between planned and actual costs.
Cost Effectiveness
Program cost / program benefit.
Cost Performance Index
A measure of how close you are to budget calculated as earned value / actual cost.
Customer Satisfaction
Customer or client satisfaction with the program or its deliverables.
Defect Density
Defects per unit of code.
Earned Value
The value of work completed to date based on budgeted cost of work.
Estimate to Complete
The expected cost required to finish remaining program or project work.
Net Present Value
The benefits or profits generated by a program discounted to their present value.
Program Efficiency
Program output / program input based on the efficiency formula.
Return on Investment
The net profit generated by a program divided by cost expressed as a percentage.
Schedule Variance
The difference between planned and actual schedule.
Work units completed in a unit of time or unit of labor.
Time to Market
The time from concept to launch.
Time to Volume
The time from concept to some target level of benefits.
Units of work per unit of time.

Program Metrics

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Cost Performance Index
Cost Variance
Defect Density
Earned Value
Estimate To Complete
Net Present Value
Program Efficiency
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Return On Investment
Time To Market
Time To Volume
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