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24 Examples of Project Status

Project status is a communication of the current state of a project often with details at the task, activity and deliverable level. A project status report will include details of work status, issues and risks. However, it is the status descriptors or codes that get all the attention. The following are common examples of project status descriptors.
Work that hasn’t been planned, scheduled or approved.
In Planning
Planning work is underway.
Awaiting Approval
A project, task or activity that is planned but not approved.
Work is approved and scheduled but not stared.
Not Started
Work that isn’t scheduled to start yet.
On Track
Within budget, scope, schedule and risk expectations.
In Progress
Indicates something is happening but is vague about targets.
Equivalent to in progress. Indicates something is happening without saying things are on schedule.
Indicates things are behind schedule and may be overbudget.
Indicates that things are not on track due to an issue.
At Risk
Highlighting a risk to project completion or possible cost and schedule overruns.
Off Track
Communicates that a project or task is failing to conform to plan.
Directly indicates deliverables that are late.
Directly flags cost overruns.
Work was delivered that didn’t meet requirements.
On Hold
The project, task or activity is paused.
A project element that can’t move forward until an issue is cleared.
Indicates someone or something is preventing things from moving forward.
Indicates a critical issue that requires immediate attention is holding things up.
The project, task or activity is canceled and will no longer be pursued.
Work that has been delivered.
Work that is completed but not accepted.
Work that has been accepted as complete.
A project that has been completely wrapped up and closed.
It is common to color code project status descriptors with rag status meaning that they are colored red, amber and green corresponding to problems, risks and on-track respectively.
Project status can be highly political. Where you are reporting the status of your own project it may be unusual to use direct terms such as overdue, overbudget and incomplete.
See a sample project status report here.
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