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32 Common Project Risks

Project risks are the potential for losses related to a project. These can go beyond not achieving the goals of the project whereby a project may derail the operations of an organization, cause reputational damage or legal liability. The following are common categories of project risk followed by a few detailed examples.
Architecture Risk
Benefit Shortfall
Budget Risk / Cost Risk
Business Continuity Risk
Change Management Risk
Change Risk
Communication Risk
Compliance Risk
Contract Risk
Deployment Risk
Design Risk
Disaster Risk
Exchange Rate Risk
Facility Risk
Health & Safety Risk
Information Security Risk
Integration Risk
Legal Risk
Operational Risk
Partner Risk
Performance Risk
Political Risk
Procurement Risk
Project Management Risk
Quality Risk
Reputation Risk
Resource Risk
Schedule Risk
Scope Risk
Stakeholder Risk
Supplier Risk
Technology Risk

Project Risks

Project risks include possible failures of the project itself such as a failure to manage scope, external risks such as political disruptions and internal risks such as concurrent change to an organization that invalidates some element of the project. The following are a few examples of a project risk.
An IT project documents the architecture risk that the architecture for the project will not support the project requirements and objectives such that the project needs to be rearchitected.
A construction project documents the legal risk of a dispute with neighbors of the construction site.
A project registers the risk that the project will go over budget. This is mitigated with project management practices and controls such as change control.
An IT project identifies the quality risk that a deliverable will not be accepted by the project resulting in costly schedule delays.
Overview: Common Project Risks
The potential for losses related to a project.
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Project Risk

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Change Risk
Common Risks
Contract Risk
Design Risk
Facility Risk
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Force Majeure
Infrastructure Risk
Integration Risk
Internal Risks
Legal Risk
Operations Risk
Partner Risk
Performance Risk
Procurement Risk
Program Risk
Project Complexity
Quality Risk
Regulatory Risk
Residual Risk
Resource Risk
Schedule Risk
Scope Creep
Scope Risk
Secondary Risk
Technology Risk
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