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21 Examples of Project Communication

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Project communication is the process of communicating information to achieve the objectives of a project. This is both a leadership capability and a control function. The following are common types of project communication.

Project Initiation

Early phase communication related to project concept, purpose, business plan, objectives, scope and deliverables. In this phase, stakeholders may not be fully identified or committed to the project.

Change Management

The leadership process of engaging stakeholders, selling change, setting expectations, motivating teams and clearing issues. For example, kickoff sessions, management meetings and Q&A sessions that designed to push a project forward.


The business analysis process of identifying and refining requirements. Includes requirements gathering sessions, meetings to resolve inconsistencies, reviews and approvals.


The process of developing and validating estimates. This may involve working sessions and communication of estimates to stakeholders.

Planning & Scheduling

The process of communicating plans and schedules. For example, a project plan may undergo an intensive review process before being baselined.


The ongoing process of identifying, assessing, managing and communicating risk.


The process of identifying, escalating and clearing issues.


Design sessions, design documentation, review and approvals.


The communication of project status to all stakeholders. Typically involves both weekly reports and meetings.


Project governance such as a weekly steering committee meeting.


Communication of budget and financial transactions such as a vendor payment.


Procurement related communication processes such as a request for proposal process.


Management and control of vendor relationships and performance. For example, developing and communicating a score card of vendor performance.


Recognizing and working through conflicts that occur between stakeholders, working teams and vendors.


Setting goals for team members and managing performance. Communicating low performance immediately to give people a chance to correct. Rewarding and celebrating exceptional performance.

Stakeholder Communication

Continually engaging stakeholders to manage expectations. For example, keeping operations up to date on a project such that they don't feel unconsulted when the project is ready for launch.


Communication related to project controls or the internal controls of an organization. For example, the communications required to comply with an organization's financial processes.


The communication surrounding project work such as organizing work processes and troubleshooting issues.


Communication of things like test plans, testing status and defects.


Communications related to launch of a project. For example, meetings that coordinate a launch between the project team, marketing and operations.


Publicizing and celebrating successes and exploring lessons learned.
Overview: Project Communication
The process of communicating information to achieve the objectives of a project.
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