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Project Management
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Project Management

34 Examples of Project Support

Project support is an administrative and analysis role in a project. In smaller projects this may be handled by the project manager. Larger projects may have a project support role or project support team. It is also common for a project management office to offer project support services. The following are common examples of project support.
Approval processes
Budget management support
Budget tracking and reporting
Change control processes
Compliance processes
Contract negotiation
Decision support
Expense processing
Financial administration
Forecasting and estimates
Invoice processing
Issue resolution support
Meeting facilitation
Performance monitoring
Procurement planning
Progress tracking
Project communications
Project documentation and records
Project planning support
Project quality analysis
Project reporting
Project risk analysis
Project scoping support
Quality assurance support
Requirements gathering
Resource support e.g. procuring software
Risk management support
Scope management support
Stakeholder engagement
Task monitoring
Team coordination
Tracking project status
Training and development planning

Project Management

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