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How Program Efficiency is Calculated

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Program efficiency the ratio of program output to input. This is a basic measure that can be used to benchmark programs against each other. The following are common types of program efficiency.


Efficiency is a financial metric based on the value of inputs and outputs:
program efficiency = (output / input) x 100


A program of modernizing a family of software products has generated revenue of $40 million and has cost $12 million:
program efficiency = (40/12) x 100 = 333.3%
In this context, a program efficiency ratio over 100% indicates a program that is currently adding value.


Efficiency is best applied to highly optimized processes that produce a regular steam of outputs such as a production line. Revenue from programs may take a long time to materialize and may be bumpy. As such, program efficiency isn't necessarily useful as compared to return on investment or net present value. If your program has non-financial benefits such as improving quality of life, cost effectiveness is typically a more appropriate metric.
Overview: Program Efficiency
The ratio of program output to input.
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